Tour de Manche: depart

And so, the annual jaunt across la différence arrives for the Evans duo. This year I have planned a tour of the northerrn Brittany coast, from Roscoff to Saint Brieuc, then South to Lac de Guarledan on the Nantes-Brest canal. Thus far it will be le camping, similar to last year, but this time I have borrowed the Da Costa trailer to lighten the load for S (but not for me I hasten to add). This will be a stern test of HEVANS 001, fully loaded front and back, and with 38 mm tyres to absorb the extra weight.

After the Le Lac we head west along the canal to Lescouet-Gouarec where I have booked a week’s recovery gîte for S after the trials of the Bretagne topography. No doubt, in true quixotic style, we will have many adventures along the way and, if previous experience is repeated, at least one visit to la pharmacie for emergency medication. Chez Evans will be left in the charge of nominally responsible adults (aka our adult children – oh dear) . . . so the cat will be fed and we will be greeted on our return by a spotless house, fridge filled with delicacies and a three course meal simmering on the stove; I leave it to you, dear reader, to weigh the likelihood of this scenario manifesting itself . . .


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