SBCC Le Tour 2015

Le Depart

And so, yet another year passes and the annual road trip of the SBCC OGs comes upon us. Luckily I just made it after my unfortunate ‘off’ just over a week ago; still somewhat bandaged and scabby of visage, but taking sufficient medication for any eventuality – as the doctor in A&E (evidently a cyclist) sagely advised ‘keep your hands on the hoods and put some electrical tape around the broken finger and it should be fine’ . . .
The destination is Perrett, close by Mur de Bretagne where we plan to see a stage finish on the mur – last year I took S up it with full camping gear so it should present no problem for the pros!
So, we currently sit on the ferry (well, we do if I have managed to post this en route) drinking the customary cidre and engaging in the usual cycling banter – let’s hope I don’t step on JJs head for the inevitable cidre-induced cabin manouvers in the middle of the night – OGs on tour indeed.

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