SBCC Le Tour 2015: 4

Mur de Bretagne Stage

Today we went to see the stage fisnish at the famous mur (wall), a 2 km, 10% straight climb just outside its namesake village. An easy day on the bike in theory, except for all the food that we would eat on the way and return. So, not to spurn tradition, we found ourselves at a local hostelry on the way for le déjeuner where, inevitably, moules et frites were on the menu. It was the biggest portion I’ve ever had – only Colin was able to finish.

So to the mur. As is usual in these stage finish situations, it was packed, and we were extremely early, so there entailed a lengthy wait for the caravan in the (unusually) sweltering Brittany sun.
Then commenced the usual unseemly scrum for various bits of tat thrown out by gyrating young ladies on the floats that passed . . . with all dignity being lost by the waiting crowd for the sake of a keyring, luggage tag or small pack of Haribo. Needless to say, SBCC (Coiln) were to the fore in this, beating old women aside androbbing small children of their hard won gains. And then the tour came . . .

. . . and went just as quickly; and we went for le diner.

Ca va


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