EvansTour 15 – J4

Hills and Stuff

Having now ensconced ourselves firmly in the gîte and done the shopping, we could explore the environs en velo. Now, we have been to the area before, most recently a few weeks ago on my trip with the ‘SBCC Old Gits’ to see Le Tour (our lodging was just down the road in Perret). But exploration of the byways never failsto yield new surprises, and so it was today when we came across a ‘wolf refuge’:

I have a sneaking suspicion that ‘Coat Fur’ translates as ‘Fur Coat’, so how much of a refuge for wolves this actually is, when they are most likely turned into slippers, is another matter. Needless to say, the ‘refuge’ was at the top of a long and steep hill, and fermé lundi. The gentleman at the gate had clearly yielded up his pelt in solidarity.
Not wanting S to miss out on all the local attractions, I took her to see the lac – or lack of lac as it is at the moment, having been drained to allow maintenance of the dam. It seems to have greened over a bit since my previous visit and, resisitng the signs advertising tours of the muddy bottom, we spent a happy moment viewing it from the camp site where we spent several rainy days last year – memories.

Having missed out on the usual café stop mid-morning we sought out an open restaurant for le dejeuner and were rewarded in Mur de Bretagne where we enjoyed the first moules et frites of the tour. Fully fuelled up, I decided to spring my surprise of the day on S – we would re-enact the finish of Stage 8 of Le Tour! Now, regular readers will know that last year we tackled the Mur (the wall) fully loaded with panniers and camping gear . . . coming down that is; so clearly we had to complete the full set by going up. As a concession to S we forewent the luggage and settled for doing it straight after lunch; but I had sneaked out the night before and painted ‘GO S 123’ on the road at regular intervals as encouragement . . . but all I could lay my hands on at short notice was black paint, so alas it was invisible. Anyway, the evidence is here, chapeau S . . .

Having survived, we returned home, via the Spar at Gourec to stock up on Haribo, and thence up the hill to the gîte.

Ca va


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