EvansTour 15 – J5&6

The Gîte

Since we’ve had a couple of slow days, what with the weather and feeling knackered – can this be anything do do with not going to work I wonder – I’ll fill you in on the gîte. Regular readers will know that the lodging at Lescouet-Gouarec is a regualar stopping-off point for us on our annual tour. Five years ago I found the L’Ancien Presbytère by my usual assidious searching of the internet (i.e. random luck) and we stayed for a couple of nights on our way back from the Loire. The owners, Peter and Keith, packed in their jobs in England (do I hear gnashing of teeth?) and bought the place to set up in the chambre d’hôte business, and have since expanded into two gîtes. They are wonderful people, and their customer service is outstanding – which is why we keep coming back.

The main house is an old vicarage . . .

and our gîte is next door. Note newly laundered cycling clobber hanging out front, in jarring juxtaposition with the idyllic setting, just to make you feel better by empathising with S; who I am training up for the ‘big one’ on Saturday (more later) . . .

They are old Breton buildings made of granite, so look great but can get a bit chilly; no matter, this is what we spent yesterday infront of, with a good book and bottle of wine, when it rained . . .

So, today, the sun shone and S insisted that we revisited our favourite (only) Moroccan restaraunt in Pontivy, a leisurely 40 mile round trip. It was just as well that S announced she was returning to full fitness, when I informed her of the impending 70 (OK, maybe 75 depending on navigational error), fully loaded, ranndoneé to our interim stop on the way to the Loire. I’m sure it will be worth it, as you will see . . .

Ca va


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