Siân and her new randonneur had a good workout this summer; three weeks around Brittany on the voies vertes and the road, covering over 1,000 km from north to south and back again – about 50 bottles of wine according to the Garmin. What better to complement the 650b Randonneur than some Gilles Berthoud front panniers, a front rack bag and classic Carradice on the rear.

Siân is 5’4″ so the small frame with sloping top-tube and 650b wheels were perfect for long days in the saddle, and all without toe overlap. The low-trail geometry with front loading meant that the handling was just as good as an unloaded bike.

Not even two consecutive days of 75 and 60 miles could dampen her high spirits and enjoyment of her new bike. ” . . . and best of all, it’s pink” she told me – who can argue with that!